Overview of the company

 MK Slider Philippines Corporation  is  engaged  in  manufacturing  of  industrial  products  like  Bubble  sheet,  Polyethylene  bag  and  Corrugated  boxes.  It  is  strategically  located  at  Dasma  Technopark  in  Cavite  where  other  manufacturing  companies  are  located  therein.
 In 2003,  it started  as  a  distributor  of  bubble  sheets,  polyethylene  bags  and  corrugated  boxes.  On  year  2006,  with  the  onset  of  growing  needs  of  industrial  products,  they  sought  the  assistance  of  professional  business  partners  and  became  a  manufacturer.
 MK Slider  continues  its  mission  in  providing  the  needs  of  the  growing  industries,  maintaining  their  trust  and  confidence.
 MK Slider Philippines Corp’s commitment  to  quality  and  services  is  the  foundation  of  our  product  strategy.  MK  Slider  is  ISO  9001:2008  certified,  which  demonstrates  the  Company’s  commitment  to  continual  improvement  and  Customer  satisfaction.

 To  complete  the  customer  satisfaction,  we  are  your  one-stop-shop  when  it  comes  to  packaging  materials,  we  started  to  produce  other  products  like  Plastic  tray,  IC  Shipping  Tube  and  raw  materials  (ex. Resins)  can  provide.

Vision Statement

 “To  rise  to  a  position  of  leadership  and  excellence  in  providing  the  needs  of  the  buyers.”

Mission Statement

 To  maintain  long-term  relationship  of  trust  and  confidence  with  our  customers  and  contribute  to  the  sustainable  development  of  the  communities  where  we  operate.

Company History

 The  company  history  started  with  the  enterprising  of  packaging  products.

Certificates and Awards

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